HUBR 2-1, non-par boiled rice.

Unique Features:

The rice has been aged for 3 years; therefore has higher therapeutic quality though not the strong fragrance of newly milled basmati. Very good for senior citizens, convalescents and children as is easily digestible, does not cause flatulence, cleanses bowel and is light.

How to Clean:

This rice has natural preservative like salt, neem leaf and curry leaf added to it. Hence, before boiling, these should be removed by hand.

How to Cook:

The rice should be boiled in pressure cooker, by adding 1 finger of water above the level of rice, in medium flame. After the first whistle, the gas should be turned off and in that pressure the rice will get boiled and the extra water will also be absorbed, which should not be drained out. 

Quality of Cooked Rice:

The Rice expands a lot on boiling and therefore, a small amount of un-cooked rice produces a substantial amount of cooked rice.

No Adulteration:

The Rice is pure basmati and cheaper varieties of rice have not been polished, cut and added, to increase quantity.