Variety of Wheat:


What is Chakki Atta?

Chakki Atta is when the wheat is ground without any additions or subtractions, and is thus in more natural and nutritive form.

How is Chakki Atta Prepared?

It is prepared in the traditional Indian way of grinding wheat in between two stone crushers in a locally made mill.

Unique Features of Chakki Atta

Chakki Atta contains husk bran and endosperm of wheat due to which it is much more nutritive and has high iron content. This makes it especially good for children and women.

How to Make Rotis with Chakki Atta:

To get the full taste, hand-made rotis should be made, one at a time if and eaten hot, it will be very soft. The rotis should not be roasted directly on gas as it may become hard. As the Atta contains husk, the rotis will be reddish.

No Adulteration

There is no rice flour, chalk dust, baking soda etc. mixed in this to increase quantity.