The Pigeon pea (Arhar) Chickpea (Chana/Chhola) Red Lentil (Masoor) Split pea (Matar), Green Gram (Moong) & Black Gram (Urad) Pulses and Lentil (Dals) are from open pollinated farmers’ varieties of seeds (non-hybrid).  

Unique Features:

As all the varieties of Dals have been ground in hand-operated stone-mills, some of the hull/skin remains and some are broken, making it look less bright but far more nutritive than fully polished Dals available in the market.

How to Cook:

As it is not polished, the Dals take a little more time to boil. The Dals should be cooked in pressure cooker and after 2 whistles the flame should be reduced and allowed to boil for 10 to 15 minutes. After this both the Dal and the hull will dissolve.

How to Clean:

As the Dal has hull, it looks a little darker. It can be soaked in water and the hull can be removed by rubbing it with hand. However, eating some hull/skin is good for health as the fiber helps in cleansing the stomach.

No Adulteration:

The Dals are pure and fresh - no old dal and other weight increasing contaminants is mixed.